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RICHARD WHITEHEAD,Richard Whitehead, MA MPhil (Oxon), PGCE, Dip.RSA(SpLD), AMBDA has been a Davis Programme Facilitator since 2002. Having been a classroom teacher for several years, he originally discovered the Davis methods when looking for a solution for the son of some friends.

His extensive background in education includes time spent teaching in both the adult and mainstream secondary educational sectors. Richard has a keen interest in holistic approaches to health and learning; alongside his dyslexia work, he has run workshops on effective parent/child communication based on the work of Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish.

In recent years, Richard has lectured and presented on the Davis learning methods in countries and cultures as diverse as the UK, Ireland, Iceland, Estonia, Poland, Portugal, Italy (Sardinia), New Zealand and the United States.

MARGARITA WHITEHEADMargarita Whitehead, L.C.P.H., M.A.R.H. has been a Davis Programme Facilitator since 2004. A qualified homoeopath, she originally became a Davis Facilitator out of a general interest in holistic methods for both health and learning. She works with both children and adults but has a particular affinity for younger learners.


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