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The Davis Programme – Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve heard a typical Davis Programme costs nearly £2000. Why does it have to be so expensive?

A Davis Programme is expensive because of the amount of time we give you. Simply put, what you are paying for is 36 hours of undivided attention from a highly trained dyslexia specialist. Our fee works out at £55 per hour.

In most cases, by the end of a Davis Programme you or your child should not need further professional help. So our one-off fee can work out much cheaper in the long run than other approaches, such as hiring a tutor once a week possibly for several years.

We do understand that for many people and families, £2000 is a lot to afford in one go. We may be able to spread the cost of your programme over 12 equal monthly instalments, and limited programme bursaries are now available for the needy. Contact us for more details.


You talk about your “highly trained specialists”. How “highly trained” are they?

Every one of our Facilitators has received a minimum of 400 hours of training and field assignments. This compares with approximately 240 hours for an OCR Level 5 Certificate in Teaching Learners with Specific Learning Difficulties – one of the traditional qualifications most commonly held by specialist dyslexia teachers.

In the training, emphasis is placed not just on technical skill and knowledge, but on the development of personal qualities such as interpersonal sensitivity, keenness of observation, a non-judgmental attitude and the art of motivation. We pride ourselves on our ability to create a nurturing environment in which you or your child will flourish.


How do I know this will work?

There is a growing body of research evidence into the effectiveness of the Davis methods – see

For some people, talking to a person can be more helpful than reading a research document. Many of the people who have completed a Davis Programme would be happy to talk to you over the ‘phone about their experience. We can arrange this for you if needed.

However, a Davis Programme will not work for everyone. That’s why we meet with you before committing to a programme, to ensure that a programme is likely to be suitable. If it isn’t, we’ll say so – that’s part of how we maintain our very high success rate.


Why are the Davis methods so little known in the UK?

The Davis methods have been in existence since 1980 and are practised in around 40 countries across the globe, but have never had “big bucks” behind them. Rather than investing in expensive marketing, we have focussed on honing our skill as practitioners. As a result, many of our clients come to us through word of mouth.

Some people may not have heard of the Davis methods, but will have heard of a book called “The Gift of Dyslexia” by Ronald Davis. This book is an international best-seller, published in 17 languages across the world. It describes the basic approach of the Davis methods, and the philosophy behind what we do.


There are so many different dyslexia treatment programmes available nowadays. What makes the Davis methods different from any of the others?

Most dyslexia treatment and teaching programmes claim to have the “answer” to dyslexia.

We do not. We just have the right questions.

Every person’s dyslexia is unique to them. That’s why a Davis Programme is not a “one-size-fits-all” approach.

The high success rate of a Davis Programme is not because we’ve found some miracle formula. It’s because we take the time to gain a deep understanding of the learning issues that you are facing, then use our expertise to dig down to the individual reasons why this or that area of learning is a problem for you.

Once we have the reasons, we have a very wide range of techniques we can apply to resolving them. By contrast, many other approaches focus on just one technique which they see as being the “answer” to dyslexia.


Can a Davis Programme really resolve my dyslexia in such a short space of time?

The purpose of a Davis Programme is not to resolve your dyslexia. It is to give you the tools to do so yourself.

By the end of a Davis Programme you will be familiar with these tools and know how to use them effectively. You will also have experienced significant positive results from using them.

But over the longer term, the real key to your success is that you keep using them. We give you plenty of guidance on how to do this, and when working with a child, we train a family member or tutor at the end of the programme as a support person.

After the main Programme, your Facilitator remains available for you for telephone or email consultations when needed, in most cases without additional charge. A Programme also includes up to 6 hours of face-to-face follow-up sessions which you can schedule as needed.


My child’s teacher is interested in the Programme. Can he/she get involved?

Yes. We are happy to speak to, or meet with, your child’s teacher before or after their Programme.

Before a Programme, your child’s teacher may have observed things about your child that are useful to us to know

After the Programme, we will have a very detailed picture of how your child thinks and learns – because we’ve spent 30 hours with them one-to-one. We may be able to give your child’s teacher useful insights into how he/she learns best.

However, there’s just one proviso here. We will only ever speak to a teacher with your child’s permission. This is because a Programme is only successful if we can build up a bond of trust with your child. As part of this bond of trust, your child needs to have absolute control over who we communicate with about their Programme.


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