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Father of G., three years after her Davis Maths Mastery Programme

“Before attending your ‘Davis’ sessions, G. could not ‘see’ how mathematical problems could be solved. She had been struggling with Maths back in year 3 and after being assessed by an educational psychologist we realised that she had Dyscalculia. Her school continued to teach her in the same way and she struggled along. As her parents we were keen to seek some further help for her and took her to additional maths on a Saturday morning. Whilst this certainly helped, we kept looking for alternatives and discovered the Davis technique. From this we sought a teacher and found you.

At first we were sceptical as to how there could be a link to clay modelling and solving maths. At the end of the sessions, however, I am convinced that this has had the single most significant benefit to G.’s learning of both maths and other subjects. The combinations of the technique and the patient delivery removed her fear of maths and showed how it could be done.

What you gave her was the ability to ‘see’ maths and lose the fear of it.”

– Father of G., 3 years after her Davis Maths Mastery Programme

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