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Mother of E., 9 years after his Davis Dyslexia Programme

“I have no doubt at all that Richard and his special methods of helping people with dyslexia changed the course of my son E.’s life. E. was registered as special needs due to dyslexia and a whole range of other conditions, which included an auditory processing problem and Aspergers. As a result of this he was seen at Gt Ormond Street who sent reports to the school.

What Richard did for E. is to turn around the perception that he was struggling academically, to an understanding that he was in fact talented both academically and in his ability to visualise – which opened up so many doors for him. He achieved 5A’s in his GSCE’s and a couple of A*’s. His other grades were B’s and he achieved 11 in total. He was offered a place at two London University Colleges of his choice and got the grades needed to be able to choose which one he preferred.

What we didn’t realise was that E., who was 14 years old at that time, could not ‘do’ his alphabet. After his very first day with Richard, E. could do his alphabet backwards and just this achievement turned this lad around from really not wanting to go and see Richard, but agreeing reluctantly, to seeing what he could achieve and wanting more!

The SENCO at E.’s school was extremely helpful and supportive and we are still very grateful to her for how she helped E., however, it was only my searching which found Richard, and really every child with special needs should have access to Richards special knowledge and approach.”

– Mother of E.
9 years after his Davis Dyslexia Programme

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