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“Dear Richard,

I thought it only fair to share some information about Eden Trainor whom you worked with several years ago. Eden came to your base with Lynn his mother and spent a week working with you and your colleagues to help him develop strategies both to understand and to deal with the issues raised by his dyslexia.

Eden was generally disengaged from school work and performing poorly. However, within a year of working with you, he rapidly rose to the ‘top sets’ in virtually every subject – including English – and got a reasonable set of GCSE results. Moving to the sixth form, it was clear to us that Eden could focus on those subjects he loved and was really good at and with a wee bit of encouragement could do really well.

He has recently been awarded the chance to study Physics at St Catherine’s College, Oxford and is doing really well in his Maths, Further Maths, and Physics A Levels. We hope, and indeed expect, that he will get the grades that he needs to take up his place at Oxford.

Upon reflection, my wife and I, and Eden acknowledge the significant turning point in his life that was facilitated by your help. We cannot thank you enough, and wish that you would share in the joy and excitement of Eden doing so well, and the pivotal role that you were able to play in making his life opportunities better.

Thanks to you and your team.”

– Nick

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